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Training Awards

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Training Awards - Process

Applications for adult leader training awards should be returned to the district training chair or any of the district training sub-chairs. If the applications are sent in any other way this will delay the process until it gets back to the district training chair.

Requirements should be initialed and dated by an adult leader who can vouch for the actual item. i.e. a Cubmaster or Den Leader might ask the Pack Committee Chair to initial and date to vouch for Pack activities, or a Roundtable Commissioner to vouch for attendance at roundtable meetings. The district training chair can vouch for training requirements and approve the overall application.
Please use the minimum tenure required for each of these awards. Once tenure is assigned to an award it cannot be used for another training award. For example if an award requires two years tenure use only 24 months, so that the remainder if your tenure is available for other training awards.

Completed applications returned to the district training chair(s) will be submitted to the council training committee at the next monthly meeting for processing. These will require at least one month to process and should be returned at the next monthly training committee meeting. The committee generally meets on the third Wednesday of each month, with some exceptions for holidays or summer vacation. This means that it may take 60 days or more from the time an application is submitted to the district training chair until it can be returned to the unit if there are no errors on the form.

Note: These award applications are reviewed, approved, and processed by volunteers who work at the council level in addition to their responsibilities at the unit and district levels. These individuals meet once a month to discuss training issues as well as collect award applications.

Most Common Training Awards

Cub Scout Leaders

Boy Scout Leaders




Sea Scouting

  • Sea Scouting Leader Training Award
  • Skipper's Key
  • Sea Badge



  • Arrowhead Honor
  • Roundtable Commissioners Training Award
  • Unit Commissioner's Key
  • Roundtable Commissioner's Key
  • District Commissioner's Key


District Committee Members

  • Scouter's Key

Note: A comprehensive listing is available at the US Scouting Service Project Site here as well as here.


Upcoming Events


     Den Chief Training
Saturday, 12/1-9 am-12 pm
Cub Scout Specifics
    Saturday, 12/8
Cubmaster/CA 9am-12 pm

Pack Committee Challenge
         9 am-12 pm

  Den Leader 1-4 pm


Scoutmaster Specifics
    Saturday, 12/1
Troop Committee
  8:45 am-12pm
     Den Chief Training
Saturday, 12/1 9 am-12 pm


  (Cub Scout & Boy Scout)
1st Tuesday of EVERY Month

Next Roundtable: 7:30 pm
  December 4th, 2018
  Topsanah Specifics 
  Classroom Training
         DEN CHIEF &
-------- BOY SCOUTS --------
 Saturday, 12/1/2018
 CUB SCOUTS --------
   Saturday, 12/8/2018



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SCOUTING FOR FOOD, Saturday, February 7, 2015. 
Any questions please direct to Kenny Rogers.