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Webelos Scout Camping

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From Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines

Webelos Den Overnight Camping

 Webelos den campouts serve to move the Webelos Scout to the next level of the BSA’s ever-increasing challenge in the outdoors. The boy and his parent or guardian will be introduced to the basics of Boy Scout camping. A Webelos den leader who has completed position-specific training and Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders training should conduct these events. In most cases, each youth member will be under the supervision of a parent or guardian. In all cases, each youth participant is responsible to a specific adult. Webelos dens are encouraged to participate in joint den-troop campouts, particularly in the fifth-grade year. These campouts should be conducted with an individual troop for the purpose of strengthening ties between the pack and the troop. BSA health and safety, age-appropriate guidelines for Cub Scout activities, and Youth Protection guidelines apply. When camping with a troop, Cub Scout guidelines still apply for all Cub Scout members. Webelos dens are encouraged to visit Boy Scout camporees and Klondike derbies. The purpose of these visits should be for the boys to look ahead with anticipation to their future as Boy Scouts and observe troops they might join. Webelos Scouts should not compete or participate in activities designed for Boy Scouts. Webelos Scouts should not spend the night at the event if the program is Boy Scout–based. A separate Webelos-only event known as a Webelos-Ree should be provided by the council or district. To provide leadership for this event, Webelos den leaders should complete the course, Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders, No.13-33640.

Reference §  Webelos Leader Guide, No. 33853

From Guide to Safe Scouting: (Camping)

A Webelos Scout may participate in overnight den camping when supervised by an adult. In most cases, the Webelos Scout will be under the supervision of his parent or guardian. It is essential that each Webelos Scout be under the supervision of a parent-approved adult. Joint Webelos den/troop campouts including the parents of the Webelos Scouts are encouraged to strengthen ties between the pack and troop. Den leaders, pack leaders, and parents are expected to accompany the boys on approved trips.

From Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leader syllabus: Explain to participants that each step in the outdoor program should be age-appropriate and a foundation for the next, higher step. We should guard against using outdoor activities that will take away from a boy’s later experience in a troop. We want to whet his appetite for Boy Scouting, not give him the whole meal too early, before he is ready. 


Cub Scout Leader Book, No. 33221

Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders, No. 13-33640

Webelos Leader Guide, No. 33853

Guide to Safe Scouting No. 34416

Webelos scouts CAN GO camping as a den AS LONG AS each Webelos Scout has a parent/guardian or adult is responsible. The Webelos Leader provides the program for the event (and will delegate to the other adults on the camp out where applicable). Families do not go on Webelos camp outs.

It is RECOMMENDED that the Webelos Leader and Assistant Webelos Leader are Webelos Outdoor Leader Skills trained. BECAUSE, if they, or at least one of them were, the den will know how sleeping in tents is allowed according to BSA, Youth Protection training required of the adults attending the camp out AND the Webelos Leader WILL NOT take the responsibility of any other Webelos Scout but his own. BECAUSE, the Webelos Leader is responsible for the success of the camp out! Each Webelos scout is to attend with an adult (parent, guardian or assigned adult by parent or guardian). Legal parent/guardian and Webelos Scout have the option to sleep in a tent together. Otherwise, the Webelos scout will either sleep alone or with another Webelos Scout. A Webelos Scout CAN NOT sleep with anyone other than their legal parent or guardian! Webelos Scouts and adults camp in the same area as a Webelos Scout den.

Please advise those leaders that think that OWL/WOLS is not mandatory, does not mean that

there is no responsibility when Webelos Scouts and their parent/responsible adult go camping, Webelos to go camping will fill out the camp reservation form to go camping at Council approved camps, not a tour permit.

Please direct other leaders in your Pack, particularly Webelos to the chapter in the Cub Scout Leader Book that addresses Webelos camping and also there is a paragraph referencing camping for Webelos Scouts also in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

When adult volunteers get into the minutiae of what you have to or don't have to, they fail to see the importance of the Cub Scout program (as according to BSA) where SAFETY (and Health) ARE FIRST!! The trainings that we provide are to insure a safe and successful outdoor program. If the boys have a great experience in the outdoors as Cubs and Webelos, they are more likely to continue on into Boy Scouts and stay with the program.

We strongly recommend attending the Webelos Outdoor Leader Skills (OWL or WOLS) training for Webelos Scout leaders for Webelos Scout den camping. A Webelos Scout den may camp out other than at council approved camp sites,when camping with a Boy Scout Troop. BUT, the Webelos Scout den MUST still camp as a Webelos Scout den (not as a Boy Scout troop) when at a camp site with Boy Scout Troop(s).


Webelos Program

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webelos-ovalWelcome to the Webelos program page for the Topsanah District.  We have many topics here that are focused on transitioning Webelos Scouts into the Boy Scout program.


Webelos Invitational FAQ

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As the season of Webelos Invitational Campouts are upon us, this is an excellent time to review BSA Policy as established for guidelines for its members’ participation in camping activities.


Cub Pack Rally Dates

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Please let Cindy Purvis know about your rally dates.  You can email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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